What is Aldic?

ALDIC is a Lebanese association aiming to promote tax ethics and compliance by informing citizens about their rights and obligations and by enlightening them on issues and challenges of taxation, in particular, to encourage them to seek greater control over the management of public funds at all levels of the administration.

Philosophy and vision:

Public finances are the backbone of the state policy. Indeed, it is through effective management of public resources that the modern state can realize the ultimate mission assigned to it, namely to ensure the well-being of its citizens by guaranteeing them access to education, health, employment, and retirement, as well as a number of public services.

However, proper management of public funds requires active participation on the part of citizens, who, in a democratic system such as Lebanon, have not only the right but also the duty to ask for accountability from their representatives.
However, two obstacles hold them from exercising democratic control. The first is due to the state of passivity and indifference in which many of them have sunk, convinced that they are powerless to change anything. The second is related to their lack of knowledge of fiscal and budgetary rules in force in Lebanon due to their technical nature, complexity and dispersal of texts.
It is therefore by acknowledging the role to be played by the civil society that the Lebanese Association for Taxpayers’ Rights (ALDIC) was born, and it has set, among other missions, to promote knowledge and citizenship in fiscal matters. It also offers, through its expertise and its network of highly qualified professionals, to work and collaborate with public authorities for an overhaul of fiscal and tax systems in force.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Download (PDF, Unknown)