Decision of the Ministry of Finance No. 640/1 dated August 28, 2019 relating to the reportable Partner States

The Ministry of Finance (MoF), has issued and published the here below Decision No. 640/1 dated 28/08/2019 which has updated the list of Partner States to which Lebanon is committed to automatically exchange financial account information of their resident taxpayers for the year 2019 and the following years. This list includes the following Partner States:

Argentina Croatia Honk Kong, China Liechtenstein Pakistan South Africa
Australia Czech Republic Iceland Lithuania Panama Spain
Austria Denmark India Luxembourg Poland Sweden
Azerbaijan Estonia Indonesia Malaysia Portugal United Kingdom
Belgium Faroe Islands Ireland Malta Russia Uruguay
Brazil Finland Isle of Man Mauritius San Marino
Bulgaria France Italy Mexico Saudi Arabia
Canada Germany Japan Monaco Seychelles
Chlle Greece Jersey Netherlands Singapore
China Greenland Korea New Zealand Slovak Republic
Colombia Guernsey Latvia Norway Slovenia


Download (PDF, 291KB)