LE LIBAN DANS LA TOURMENTE ÉCONOMIQUE ET FINANCIÈRE: Quelle piste pour une sortie de crise

The current economic and social collapse has uncovered the long-standing economic, financial and institutional vulnerabilities of the country as well as deep-seated macro-economic and social problems. There have been serious calls for urgent actions aiming to promote a healthy financial system, to change the long-lasting harmful practices, restore confidence and raise the voices of citizens that have been left behind. Notwithstanding the indisputable need to an international vital assistance, there is also an absolute necessity of internal cooperation between the stakeholders and a collective effort to achieve the final outcomes. This webinar will strive to determine both the key objectives for recovery and the key tools that will prove vital to address and resolve the causes of the financial meltdown, the endemic corruption and the weak governance of institutions and why a wider process of structural reforms should be implemented.

Webinar 15 octobre