Notifications of the Ministry of Finance dated August 30th, 2019 relating to certain obligations charged to the establishments

The Ministry of Finance has issued three notifications dated 30/08/2019 published in the Official Gazette on 05/09/2019 (below): the first relating to the obligations charged to the establishments required to withhold the tax on salaries and wages, the second concerns the obligations placed on the load of establishments held to retain the tax of Article 51 of Law No. 497/2003 as amended by Law No. 144 dated 31/07/2019, to declare it and to pay it to the Treasury and the third notification (No. 2487 /s1) concerning the fight against tax evasion operations. The three notifications were issued to notify and alert taxpayers that the Ministry of Finance will tighten the necessary legal measures to combat tax evasion, including the lifting of bank secrecy the existence of such evasion will be proven to the Ministry, as well as the imposition of criminal sanctions provided for by the relevant laws.

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