Le Liban résilient : les défis à relever


Join us for a webinar on Lebanon on
Thursday, June 3, 2021 at 16:00 (Swiss time)

Founding Partner, HBD-T Law, Beirut
Lecturer on Tax Law and Public Finance

will be speaking about the legal and fiscal framework of Lebanon
and the perspectives for the future of the country which used to be known as
“the Switzerland of the Middle East”

Le Liban résilient : les défis à relever

The webinar will be held in French
Invitation to follow
Interested to attend? Please email Edouard Gueudet


Karim Daher is a Founding Partner of HBD-T Law firm in Beirut and a Lecturer on Tax Law and Public Finance. Mr. Daher is a graduate from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas (Master in Business Law and Taxation) and Saint-Joseph University of Beirut (Lebanese Law degree and Post Graduate Diploma in Private Law-DEA). He holds an executive diploma (Certificat de formation) in finance from ESA school of Business in Beirut (ESCP/EAP). He was admitted to the Beirut Bar in 1995.